M.Sc.IT is a two year divided into four Semester post graduate course, which is equivalent to MCA. It contains 4 semester each of which having 3 theory subject and 1 practical subject. To get Admission into MScIT, You must have passed either BCA, or BScIT, or B.Com (MIP), or PGDCA

  • Evaluation
    • Each subject in the curriculum (Theory/Practical/Project) is an independent entity and will be evaluated separately.
    • Two internal tests will be conducted for each theory paper and practical paper in each year.
    • University examination will be conducted for each theory paper and practical paper. The final result of each theory paper & practical paper will be prepared by the University.
  • Standard of passing
    • A student has to secure at least 40% marks in each theory paper/practical paper/project to pass the subject.
    • A student will be awarded M.Sc.I.T. degree only after passing all the four semesters.
  • Award of Class
    • Based on the final result in each semester, the class will be awarded to the following scheme.

      Pass Class 40%
      Second Class 50%
      First Class 60%
      First class with distinction 70%

      EXEMPTIONS and ATKT are as per rules framed by the M. K. Bhavnagar University for this course.